10 Ways to Champion Your Mom on Mother’s Day and Every Day

Mother’s Day. Every year it rolls around. And this year Mother’s Day is celebrated in the United States on May 8. The day may be fraught with emotion for you, depending on the state of your relationship or if your mom is still on the earth or not. But regardless, we can express gratitude that our mother’s gave birth to us and fed us and nurtured us so we could survive.

So this Mother’s Day, champion your own mother or the mothers you know, such as friends, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, daughters, and even granddaughters. And thank them for being awesome women who care and show commitment.

Mother's Day
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Mother’s Day and Everyday Ways to Champion Moms

  1. Flowers tend to be a traditional Mother’s Day gift, and carnations are considered the traditional (and official) flower to commemorate the day. But consider matching the flowers to your mother’s personality. For example, roses or tulips are considered “classic” choices. Ranunculus can be considered a great choice for “bohemian” moms. While succulents are considered a modern and sleek choice.
  2. Or, if you want a gift that lasts longer than cut flowers, consider having a tree planted in honor of a cherished mother. Onetreeplanted.org, alivingtribute.org, and thegiftedtree.com are all places you can choose a tree and have one planted. Arbor Day Foundation suggest planting a hydrangea, a Rose-of-Sharon, a red sunset maple, a downy serviceberry, a scarlet oak, a camellia, or a cranberry bush since they all provide some beautiful color.
  3. Take your mother to a local spa for a wrap, a massage, facial, or mani-pedi, or a combination of services. You can send her by herself or make it a bonding event by going together.
  4. Volunteer together for a cause you both believe in. Most towns have a list of activities, or you could call a local nonprofit to see how you can help. This could mean participating in a beach or lake clean-up, serving in a soup kitchen, reading to young children at a library, or even helping Mom clean out her closets or garage and making a trip to your local thrift store to make a donation. And when the volunteer time is over you could…
  5. Take her out for a meal. The last thing you want to do on Mother’s Day weekend is create more work for mom. So take her to her favorite restaurant or order in her favorite foods.

    Mother's Day
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  6. Turn your mother’s story into a book. You’ll spend quality time with your mom as you learn more about her life, and you can incorporate family photos and Internet research (genealogy is easily accessible) to create a one-of-a-kind book that can be printed by VistaPrint or a similar service.
  7. Plan a day-trip surprise on Mother’s Day or any day. Is there somewhere your mom has always wanted to go or somewhere she has talked about with fond memories? Take her to that place and have a picnic or eat nearby and enjoy creating new memories.
  8. Photo Shoot. Capture some quality time with your mother by planning a photo shoot. Go get your hair and make-up done together first or get all ready together at home. And then have a local photographer take some beautiful shots of you together.
  9. Go for a hike. If you and your mom love the great outdoors, plan a hike together and keep your eyes out for specific plants, insects, and animals (many of them are mothers too.)

    children on a hike
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  10. Take a class together and you pay for it.Study flower arranging or go to Paint Night or learn a foreign language together or go to a one-day workshop. Your mother supported your education so now get educated together in something fun and that she’s always been curious to do.

These are ten easy ways to champion your mother on Mother’s Day and every day. And if you need more Mother’s Day inspiration, check out the curated Ted.com “Talks by Fierce Moms” here.

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