What is the Whole Champion Foundation?

We're facing worldwide challenges to our environment, societies, and personal lives. Climate change, deforestation, pollution, human rights abuses, and income instability threaten us all. With your support, we have the potential to make a difference.

We are afor change.

Through digital and physical channels, Whole Champion Foundation is providing direction, tools, and motivation to not only understand the extreme needs of the world but to also alleviate the issues near and far. We believe change starts at home (and with the self) and moves outward to humanity and the environment.

We want you to be fully equipped with ways to make a difference wherever you go. This is how we can each make the world a better place.

We’ll provide you with a compass that replaces north, south, east, and west—with care, awareness, responsibility, and action.

Responsibility is our north star. It’s how we begin to create real change. When each of us accepts responsibility at the personal, social, and environmental level, it will have a positive impact on the world.

We at the Whole Champion Foundation urge you, your family, friends, and everyone to realize the dire state of the world. We ask that you become more aware and responsible. If everyone does their best, we will make a difference, and champion real change. That is what being a whole champion is all about!

In 2020, a catastrophic virus took over our everyday lives. It was a wake up call showing us that our "normal" was not working. The time for change is now, and we all have to be a part of it for the sake of humanity, for the sake of our world.

Our mission is to embolden the concepts of whole and champion so they may be adopted globally to help the planet and its inhabitants prosper. A single person cannot change the world, but a unified effort to champion a positive difference can influence the whole world.

Everyone can be a whole champion
The time is now!

Be the change.

We hope to reach as many people as we can. Everyone plays a part. Thank you!

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