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To date, we have reached over 300,000 people:

Books › 20,000

Press › 200,000

Social Media › 75,000

Sport Venues › 8,000

Website › 8,000

Story Walks › 2,000

Our impact is measured not just through statistics but through stories of real change at home, at school, in sport, and far beyond. Positive change is seen in the adoption and sharing of our educational materials, engagement in social and environmental student campaigns, participation in our documentary film project, and ongoing and compelling multimedia press coverage.

Carol Johnston,
President Board of Directors


XTERRA Champion and Social Advocate Barbara Edelston Peterson is an inspiration and force of nature! Founder of Whole Champion, an organization to teach personal, social and environmental responsibility. "Living Local Santa Barbara" host Gail Kvistad is a Santa Barbara native and your guide to everything fun under the sea and sun. Meet the local people businesses and organizations that make this California community so special.

“My fifth-grade classroom came to life as Barbara shared her books, workbooks, and vision with us. I will adopt The Whole Person Learning Series into our classroom for years to come.”

Ms. Katie, 5th Grade Teacher

“When we realized the positive impacts of integrating Whole Champion programs into
our curricula, we then chose a brand new school motto, ‘A Whole Person Makes the Whole World Better.’ In our two years or collaboration, our entire community is more aware, responsible, and active—at school, at home, and beyond. Together, we have become true champions of positive change.”

Ms. Kori, Headmaster

“Thanks to the inspiration and direction f rom Whole Champion, our school created its first-ever Story Walk explaining how ‘A Whole Person Makes the Whole World Better.’ We are so proud and enriched to have this permanent outdoor exhibit in our Nature Lab.”

Ms. Vanessa, Director of Science

Be the change.

We hope to reach as many people as we can. Everyone plays a part. Thank you!

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I recognize that our world requires a monumental shift, and that I can help make the world better through awareness, responsibility and action. 

I understand the time is now to step up, take better care of myself, others, and the environment, and make a difference. I pledge to do my best knowing it positively effects the whole world.

Now we want to hear what you have to say. Can you tell us how you think you could make a positive difference in the world?

“The payoffs of courage and effort to create change aren’t always immediately obvious, but they work as a mighty tectonic force  that can shift the future in fundamental ways.”

Yvon Chouinard


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