Election 2020: 8 Ways to Prepare Yourself

Arguably the most important election of our lifetime, thus far, is just around the corner. With a collapsed economy, socio-political unrest, and a pandemic that’s ravaging the nation and the world, voting is more important now than ever before. Yet, whether you’re red or blue, lean left or right, are liberal or conservative or are somewhere in the middle, or if you truly have no clue where to begin, our list of steps to take to prepare for the 2020 election is sure to help get you informed and ready to make an educated vote.


Step one is naturally, register to vote. You can also update your registration here in case your name or address changed. Next, double check that your info is all correct. 

Share that you registered on your social media and with the people in your life to remind them of their own registration before the deadline, which varies state by state. Check if your state requires an ID for in-person voting. 

Early & Mail-In Voting

Vote early to ensure your vote makes it on time, while avoiding lines at the ballot box. Some states permit voting early in person for weeks before the election. Other states only allow early voting by mail. Check your state’s instructions for this here. Also, fill out your US 2020 Census Form, and encourage those in your life to do the same.

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 Get Informed

Find out about the candidates running for office and who is funding them, as well as the ballot measures up for vote and what organizations are supporting or opposing them? Not all things on the ballot are as they seem on the surface level. That’s why it is important to read not only what the proposed legislation is but also who is paying for the item to the be on the ballot in the first place as well as who is endorsing the proposed legislation and why.

Watch the debates or host a debate-watching party for friends and family on Zoom, and discuss it afterward.


Reach out to your neighbors and community members to see if they need help mailing their ballot or getting to the polls. 

Connect with a local campaign or nonpartisan organization and sign up to make phone calls, hang door hangers, write postcards, and help get out the vote. You can also volunteer to work the polls on election day (and many municipalities pay people a small stipend to do so). 

If you are able, donate to a candidate or ballot measure you believe in.

Do Your Part

If you are a business owner, give your employees paid time off, or ask your employer to provide paid time off for employees to vote.

See or hear a problem with voting in your area? Call the Election Protection Hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE for help. 

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Expand Your Circle

Break down barriers and get to know your neighbors of different faiths, backgrounds, races, and political affiliations. Have an open dialogue and expand your horizons while learning about their views in a respectful manner. You could even join a community group to participate in cross-cultural dialogue.

Contact Local Officials

Reach out to your Senator’s office to discuss and encourage bills and Amendments you support. Demand that Congress protects the 2020 election with safety measures and by ensuring that everyone who can legally vote will be accounted for.

Spread the Word

Share which candidates and measures you’re supporting with your friends and family, especially your reasoning behind it. Talk about the issues, and possible solutions that are being offered by your chosen candidate. Share informative posts on social media and encourage voting on your platform. 


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