Personal Responsibility First Then You Can Move the World

Personality responsibility is the first pillar of what we believe makes a whole champion. Our organization aims to move the world forward by advocating greater awareness, responsibility, and action. We emphasize the role of responsibility to foster deep conviction in order to break the stronghold of today’s challenges on humanity and the environment. We’re asking all people to expand their sense of personal responsibility to include social and environmental issues, to extend the level of care typically given to benefit one’s personal needs to include the needs of the greater whole. We believe that if everyone creates a little extra space every day to care about the issues we are facing and assume a little more responsibility by giving to, or volunteering to meaningful causes, we can turn the current conditions into manageable possibilities.

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Global change starts with you and me, and everyone we know. It starts with each of us taking care of our own personal needs, being accountable to ourselves, and being empowered by good values, productive habits, and the conscious motivation to move through life in a positive way—that is personal responsibility. We all have unique talents that can be harnessed for the greater good. How a mother takes responsibility for herself to optimize her care of her children, or how a firefighter, nurse or doctor takes responsibility for self to help others in unpredictable ways—each of us has our own way of developing our self and furthering the meaning and impetus in our life. The conviction, love, respect, empowerment, and motivation with which we approach our own lives, is what the world needs. Each of us has the power to move the greater whole to a better place. To move the world, we must first move ourselves.

Personal Responsibility Reality Check

Stop and think for a moment. When is the last time you:

  • said yes when you really felt a no answer was what you wanted?
  • said no to something you really, really desired?
  • put someone else’s needs before your own?
  • took some time for yourself doing something you love?
  • took an electronics break or mini-vacation? (read here about the benefits of a digital detox.)
  • got eight hours or more of sleep?
  • drank enough water that you really felt hydrated?
  • worked out for as long as you wanted, without the constraints of pressing other obligations?
  • read for as long as you wanted?
  • sat quietly and just let yourself be?
  • allowed yourself to fully feel your emotions?
  • did something creative?
  • sang, danced, or screamed as loudly as you wanted?
  • ate what you wanted without feeling guilty?
  • soaked in a tub?
  • watched whatever you wanted on tv, at the movies, or a video?
  • took a day off just to have fun?
  • had a massage?
  • felt pampered?
  • felt empowered by the choices you have made?
  • did whatever you wanted with your time?

So often we put others and other things in front of our own needs and wants. We willingly jump into the back seat and let others drive our lives. That isn’t personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is taking care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is saying no when you mean it and saying yes when you mean it; it is having boundaries and enforcing them when necessary. It is giving yourself permission to do what you love, to take time for yourself, to spoil yourself—at least occasionally—so that by leading your best life you can then show up and contribute in the best way you know how—and in the way that only you yourself can authentically do—to the world.

The cornerstone of personal responsibility is believing in yourself. Carve out a bit of time today and do something special for yourself.

personal responsibilty
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A Whole Person Makes the Whole World Better

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I recognize that our world requires a monumental shift, and that I can help make the world better through awareness, responsibility and action. 

I understand the time is now to step up, take better care of myself, others, and the environment, and make a difference. I pledge to do my best knowing it positively effects the whole world.

Now we want to hear what you have to say. Can you tell us how you think you could make a positive difference in the world?

“The payoffs of courage and effort to create change aren’t always immediately obvious, but they work as a mighty tectonic force  that can shift the future in fundamental ways.”

Yvon Chouinard


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