Visit Whole Champion’s New Red Bubble Store and Buy Yourself Something New

Red Bubble is one of Whole Champion Foundation’s new homes. This week Whole Champion Foundation unveiled a new swag store on RedBubble.com. The store is filled with a variety of Whole Champion logo’ed t-shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, tablet sleeves, scarves,  face masks, aprons, posters, postcards, hats, and so many other things, as well as items designed with colorful catchphrases from the book A Whole Person Makes the Whole World Better by Barbara Edelston Peterson. Imagine yourself in sitting on your sofa next to your new Want Different? Do Different vibrant pillow or walking your neighborhood with your Live Life With Purpose orange insulated coffee cup.

Red Bubble
Wear a Whole Champion Logo t-shirt to show you’re a Whole Champion

“All proceeds from sales of the items in the Red Bubble store go towards the development of more educational materials and programs,” said Barbara Edelston Peterson, founder of Whole Champion Foundation. She’d love to see people stock up on gifts for the holiday season and buy something for themselves as as way to treat themselves to something fun while supporting a good cause.


Red Bubble
Snag a backpack from Whole Champion Foundation and send a message to the world.

Whole Champion Foundation choose to partner with Red Bubble on manufacturing its branded merchandise and related, inspirational material because Red Bubble offers high quality, creative products for fair prices with a store that services customers all over the world. Red Bubble was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 2006, as a platform where independent artists could sell their creations, and the company promotes its social responsibilty by being a carbon neutral, print on demand company that promises safe working conditions.


Red Bubble
Remind yourself or someone you love (by buying this as a gift) to Live Life With Purpose

As their website says, “Redbubble is creating the world’s largest marketplace for independent artists, bringing more creativity into the world. A great mission that also comes with great responsibility. To not only empower artists and foster self-expression, but do so in ethical, socially responsible ways. Which is where our printing partners (and all the words below) come in.” Ninety-five percent of their packages originate from the same region they are ordering, creating a small footprint. And they have partnered with renewable energy specialists 3Degrees to invest in programs to help the environment and to create carbon neutrality.

Red Bubble

Red Bubble also requires all third-party printers and manufacturers to sign the FLA Code of Conduct which covers nondiscrimination, forced labor, child labor, harassment/abuse, health and safety, hours of work, compensation, collective bargaining and employment relationship.

In 2020 Red Bubble donated one mask to Heart to Heart International for every mask sold through their website. They also have launched #CreateSomeGood, funding projects by artists who are using creativity to make the world a little better place.  Sample projects include a coloring book featuring illustrations of hearst for recovering cardiac patients, a documentary films that aims to reduce the stigma of being HIV positive, and underwater  photos of humans facing the same threats that endanger aquatic life.

Red Bubble

“We are so excited about our new store,” Edelston Peterson said. “Red Bubble is a company that cares about personal, social, and environmental responsibility. They are Whole Champions so we are happy to partner with them and to create beautiful products together.”

The Whole Champion Foundation Red Bubble store will expand its offerings in the coming month. We started with three designs but have half a dozen more in the works so stay tuned and check back frequently. We will be releasing fun, colorful, inspirational yoga pants, a variety of tank tops and t-shirts, hoodies, artwork, shower curtains, bedding, and more.

A Whole Person Makes the Whole World Better

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