Coping with the Coronavirus Outbreak

How will you handle the global Coronavirus pandemic?

The current situation worldwide is unprecedented, challenging, confusing, and very scary for many. But at the same time, we can still find cause for hope. This crisis offers each of us choices:

  • Will you choose to look on the bright side — see this as a global opportunity where we come together to get through this – or will you become sad and angry?
  • Will you follow the rules set in place to protect myself and everyone around me, or will you choose to disregard the protocol and live by your own rules?
  • Will you help however you can, or will you sit back and feel helpless, and let others solve this issue?

Now more than ever, we need to realize the importance of awareness, responsibility, and action. These are the tenets of the Whole Champion Foundation. This is a life philosophy that encourages a new perspective on the word whole:

  • Personal wellbeing
  • The wellbeing of others
  • The care of our planet’s environment

The whole world is confronting extreme challenges. It’s exactly the time to come together as a global community to do our best for the greater good.

A Whole Champion is a role model, someone who gives more than they take and demonstrates how to care about themselves, others, and the whole world. For many young people, it can be hard to give up fun times for hand-sewing face masks but actions like this will carry us all through this pandemic and the others that may follow it. We encourage you to lead by example. Make this into an opportunity to do good. Comfort those around you, rally supplies for your community, and loudly support the doctors and health care workers who are under extraordinary stress. Hold up the world in your own hands and heart. Take a stand and make a positive difference for yourself and those around you.

We, at the Whole Champion Foundation, believe we can turn this global nightmare into a positive opportunity. To make that dream a reality, we each need to step up, show up, and be prepared to lead!

The timing is ideal to adopt the Whole Champion ethos.

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.

— Albert Einstein

Be the change.

We hope to reach as many people as we can. Everyone plays a part, thank you!


I recognize that our world requires a monumental shift, and that I can help make the world better through awareness, responsibility and action. 

I understand the time is now to step up, take better care of myself, others, and the environment, and make a difference. I pledge to do my best knowing it positively effects the whole world.

Now we want to hear what you have to say. Can you tell us how you think you could make a positive difference in the world?

“The payoffs of courage and effort to create change aren’t always immediately obvious, but they work as a mighty tectonic force  that can shift the future in fundamental ways.”

Yvon Chouinard


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